Philomon Winterspear

Totally not a real life person insert.


Character History

Before the campaign

Born to a very loving family as an only child, Elvish mom and Human dad. Human dad was always cheerful, if a bit timid. Mother was very steadfast but warm and loving to Philomon, she would often play the flute to him to entertain and relax him. Mother made the Father take her family name when they were married.
In his teens, Mother contracted an hereditary disease which made her slowly lose her memories and slowly started whithering away. The family stayed close and cared for her right until the end.
After her death, Philomon’s father told them of her family’s illness, and how it is likely he will also contract this illness. Instead of desparing, Philomon’s father encouraged him to live life with zeal and explore the world and all of it’s wonder. He gives Philomon his mom’s flute and he takes off to explore the world.
While traveling the world, he encounters Lilli playing the flute busking on the street. He learned how to play the lute but not the flute, and loved the way Lilli played. He started coming to the same street corner and started playing along side her, splitting the earned wages until he broke down Lilli’s walls and earned her friendship. They then decided to create a band and spent the next couple years traveling and playing music in various towns.

The Dark Lord Chronicles

Shortly after reaching Westhaven, the town was attacked by a band of orcs and Phil and Lil were conscripted into a small militia to begin what is now known as the West Haven Special Forces Unit alongside Ivan Nomore, Squawk, and Mirran Gainsbrough.


All around good guy, although quick to judgement. Very very very extremely good looking. Self proclaimed prince of persuasia. Known for overly flashy combat maneuvers, although they rarely did anything and he should have been casting spells or shredding on his awesome lute.


Philomon Winterspear

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